Date: September 17-18, 2016

Day 1: Lethbridge- Creston- Kooteney Bay- Ferry to Balfour- Nelson- Castlegar (577km) Overnight Camping at Passcreek Campground in Castlegar

Day 2: Castlegar- Trail- Salmo- Lethbridge (564km)

Goal: Adventure trip with unlikely beater cars, trucks, and vans. Points awarded for creativity, ridiculousness, and misfortune. This is NOT a race, and any illegal road behavior is punishable by law, and not condoned by the organizers.
Entrants may be solo, or in teams to help split cost.

Budget: $700 to buy, repair, and modify vehicle. Safety items such as tires and brakes, as well as fluids and filters do not count toward budget.
Proof of purchase price (bill of sale), and receipts to prove total spent on vehicle must be presented. Photographic evidence to prove originality of vehicle condition is also required.
No $1 nice cars that you bought from yourself – keep it real folks (if you really do want to bring something that isn’t epic, then see the next point).
If someone wishes to enter an actually nice vehicle, worth over the budget amount, to simply come and enjoy the trip, this is fine, however they will not be eligible to win any prizes.

Entry fee: $50 Early Bird entry fee, if registered before August 13, 2016. $75 Late entry fee after.
Competitors are responsible to pay for their own gas, food, and hotel (camping will also be an option).

Camping is $6 per person, to be paid in cash to the campground on arrival.

Eligibility: Any street legal (insured and registered) vehicle. Temporary “In Transit” permits are OK.

Scoring: Competitors will be scored based on multiple categories. Scoring takes place at the start of the event based on vehicle and team entry, and again at the finish based on pictures taken/challenges achieved on the trip.
Age of vehicle:
+50 for 1980s
+100 for 1970s
+150 for 1960s
+200 for 1950s
+250 for pre-1950

Make of Vehicle:
-50 for Japanese, American, German
+- 0 for Swedish
+50 for Korean
+100 for Italian
+125 for English
+150 for French
+250 for Eastern Block
+100 for a defunct automaker, and +50 for every decade past 1990 the automaker has been out of business

Judge’s Decision:
+0-150 for Costumes, Theme
+0-100 for Vehicle Modifications, decorations (fitting with theme)
+0-100 for General condition of vehicle/likeliness to fail

On the Road:
+50 for finishing the day
+10-150 for optional checkpoints and challenges en route
+0-150 for creative roadside repairs

+1 per km travelled in your beater, greater than 200km to get to the start of the event
+50 for a special edition vehicle
+200 for a vehicle with no roof at all
+75 for best youtube post of the day
+0-100 for junkyard parts gained en route
+200 points for repair parts that are found or gained through barter en route.
-LOTS for poor behavior!
+250 for rescuing a stranded team and carrying them the rest of the trip
+0-100 per day for most fuel/oil burnt.
+100 pts for outfitting vehicle with sleeping accommodations, and subsequently camping in.
+??? May be awarded at random by organizers…

Start: Meeting place and initial judging will take place in the rental yard of Southland International (lot north of 9th Ave N, East of 43rd St N), at 9am on Saturday.

Finish: Finish Banquet/Awards ceremony will be held in Lethbridge, at Hudsons Pub, starting at about 5/6:00pm, as teams arrive back in town. Awards will be given in multiple categories TBA.